Here are the current student positions we have available for hire. All positions require you to pass a security background check if selected for employment.

Student Software Engineer

posted: January 5, 2016

Application Deadline: January 22, 2016

The OSU Open Source Lab is looking for two student software engineers. This position is part time during the academic year, and full time during the summer. Applicants must have at least four (4) terms remaining in their program and be able to work during summer 2015. We prefer students who have more time left in their program to help reduce graduate turnover, so freshman applicants are welcome. (This position is only open to students attending a university in Oregon.)

You: Enjoy open source software. Install Linux at home to play around with Web servers, file servers, etc. Aren't afraid to use the command line to get things done. Would like to work closely with developers of high-growth open source projects. Are looking for a challenging job where you'll have the opportunity to use your problem-solving skills while developing real-world software, such as Ganeti Web Manager.

Us: The Oregon State University Open Source Lab provides hosting to some of the world's largest and most recognizable open source projects including: The Linux Foundation, Freenode, Drupal, The Apache Software Foundation, The Python Software Foundation and many more.

Duties and responsibilities: Designing, developing and maintaining open source projects in Python, PHP, Ruby, Java and other languages. Writing open source code, comprehensive documentation, and educational materials supporting the OSL's infrastructure and the world-wide open source community. Working with infrastructure maintainers on configuration management and deployment technologies for open source software. Communicating with peers, users, and the wider open source community via email, IRC and others as needed.

  • 50% -- Design and develop complex Open Source software using Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, SQL and other appropriate languages, as directed by the Director and Senior Developer. Provide problem resolution and troubleshooting for problems related to this software. Collaborate with the sysadmin team on configuration management and deployment for this software. 
  • 20% -- Work with the Director and System Administrator (sysadmin) team to support OSL datacenter operations. Design and maintain tools, utilities, and web applications that support and enhance the OSL Open Source hosting environment and operations. Continually work with the Director and sysadmin team through all stages of development, implementation, and release.
  • 20% -- Document code and processes for the OSL development team and community developers. Document software installation and usage for a general audience. 
  • 10% -- Maintain and develop skills in support of primary job functions. Research new tools and methods. Consult with others in the industry to learn about emerging technologies. Share and collaborate with OSL peers, members of the OSU computing community, and the international Open Source community.

Qualifications: Must have a basic programming foundation in scripting and/or object oriented languages and enjoy writing code for experimentation and fun. The ability to communicate clearly and collaborate with peers is essential. Must have strong problem solving skills and the ability to learn quickly. If you think this is a great match, please email your resume to jobs@osuosl.org. We're generally looking for students that use Linux as their primary OS at home or on their laptop and like to play with Linux a lot. Feel free to contact Ken (kennric) in #osuosl on Freenode if you have any questions.

This position is only open to students attending a university in Oregon.