Lance Albertson

Director | Cat Herder

Lance became OSL director in early 2013. He has managed all of the hosting activities that the OSL provides for more than 160 high-profile open source projects since joining the lab as lead systems administrator and architect in 2007. Lance’s involvement in the open source community began in 2003, when he became a developer and package maintainer with Gentoo Linux. Prior to joining the OSL, Lance was a UNIX Administrator for the Enterprise Server Technologies group at Kansas State University. In his free time he helps organize Beaver BarCamp and plays trumpet in local jazz group The Infallible Collective.

Lance can be reached at lance-at-osuosl-dot-org

Justin Dugger

Senior Systems Architect | Wears a Penguin Suit

Justin joined the OSL in March 2012 after studying and working at Kansas State University. Justin took graduate level courses in computer science at KSU and later worked as an applications system administrator there immediately before coming to the OSL. His work in identity and account management and his experience with Linux and Ubuntu are assets he'll utilize to benefit the lab's projects and infrastructure. Justin was involved in the Linux Users Group at KSU, and he has extensive experience with Java programming. Through the OSL, Justin is excited to be part of the wider open source community and to participate in outreach and development.

Ken Lett

Senior Software Engineer

Ken began at the OSL in March 2012 after spending over a decade in various positions on the OSU campus. Since 1999, he has worked professionally as a systems administrator in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, completed an undergraduate degree in physics as a student and worked with Central Web Services as a software developer. Ken sees the OSL as a synthesis of the wide variety of projects he has worked on at the university and hopes to use his experience with many different technologies and his dual perspective as an OSU staff member and alumnus to benefit the lab. Ken's personal interests are as varied as the technical projects he has worked on; he is a blacksmith as well as a woodworker and enjoys writing fiction.

Dean Johnson

Developer | Brogrammer (secret Zendo genius)

Dean is a computer science student who joined the OSL in June 2012. In the lab, he creates new content and fixes bugs for projects including Ganeti Web Manager, the Protein Geometry Database and the Oregon Virtual School District. He’s familiar with Python, Java, C, C# and Javascript and is a member of the Linux Users Group on campus. Outside of work and school, Dean enjoys longboarding around campus and adventuring outside.

Geoff Corey

Developer | Former Ruler of Omicron Persei 8

Geoff is studying computer science. At the lab, he is focusing on writing recipes and cookbooks for chef. Geoff is interested in how production servers and data centers are managed. He likes making computers do more and using new software to discover new things. In his free time, Geoff is compiling his own operating system on an arm project board.

Ian Kronquist

Student Developer

Ian joined the lab in November 2013 and is majoring in computer science. Skilled in the Python and C++ programming languages, Ian is currently working on the Oregon Virtual School District project. In his spare time he enjoys reading, programming and attending OSU Linux Users Group meetings.

Jack Twilley

Developer | Maker of Things

While Jack has spent most of his career working with computers, he is currently studying food science and technology at Oregon State University. At the OSL, Jack works on the Protein Geometry Database project and also mentors students. When he’s not brewing tasty, award-winning mead, Jack maintains a number of solo open source projects and watches “Doctor Who.”

Justin Noah

Developer | Java Enthusiast

Justin is studying computer science and joined the OSL in June 2012. He currently works on Ganeti Web Manager at the lab. Justin is part of the Linux Users Group and enjoys contributing to Bravo, an open source Minecraft server.

Trevor Bramwell

Developer | Fedora Consultant

Trevor is studying applied computer science. As a part-time student developer at the OSL, he spends most of his time on the Ganeti Web Manager project. His passion and knowledge for open source software and development is only exceeded by his passion for dance. He is actively involved in the OSU Linux Users Group, the Corvallis Swing Society and the Oregon State Ballroom Dance Company's performing ensemble New Shoes.

Trevor is knowledgeable in Java, PHP, (X)HTML, Python, SQL and Intel Assembly. When he is not being a code monkey, Trevor can be found reading, playing classic point-and-click adventure games, dancing or playing guitar.

Anthony Miller

Community Systems Administrator | The Lady Killer

Anthony is studying computer science and has worked on networking for the Apache Software Foundation and other projects. He is skilled in networking and LAN/WAN administration and joined the OSL to gain hands-on experience with real-world applications and issues. Anthony enjoys video games and playing drums in his free time.

Bryon Burleigh

Community Systems Administrator | Pie Enthusiast Extraordinaire

Bryon is studying computer science and works as a student systems administrator. He has a bachelor’s degree in asian studies and has previously worked in residence life, but now he is fulfilling his dream of working in open source. Bryon enjoys seeing how problems can be solved with a variety of open source tools.

Chance Zibolski

Community Systems Administrator | Speed Daemon

Chance is studying computer science and is currently working on Ganeti Web Manager for the OSL. A member of the Linux Users Group, Chance specializes in Web applications such as Python, JavaScript and HTML/CSS. Outside of the OSL, he enjoys hacking on code and loves motorcycles — he owns a 2004 Suzuki SV650S.

Daniel Reichert

Community Systems Administrator | The Silver Mullet

Daniel is studying computer science. At the OSL, he works primarily on Drupal and MySQL. He grew up in Kansas and enjoys traveling and biking of all kinds. Daniel is also involved in the Linux Users Group.

Daniel Takamori

Community Systems Administrator | Defending 4th Grade Go Champion, 16 Years Running

Daniel is a mathematics and physics student. At the OSL he works on logging, load balancing, Supercell, and trying out new technologies like OpenStack and Docker. In his free time, Daniel likes to write Racket, play Go, work on underwater robotics, and eat vegetables. He hopes to attend graduate school and travel to Hungary in the future.

Emily Dunham

Community Systems Administrator | Mr. President

Emily is studying computer science. When she joined the OSL in April 2011, she worked as a software developer on the Ganeti Web Manager project. After completing a summer internship at Intel, she has rejoined the lab as a systems administrator. Outside of the OSL, Emily is involved with the Linux Users Group and volunteers at FIRST robotics events. In the rare event of having free time, she also enjoys gardening and building robots.

Sean Rettig

Community Systems Administrator | Safety Officer

Sean is studying computer systems and joined the OSL in June 2012. He works on many projects at the lab but particularly enjoys working with the Apache Web server. In his free time, he works on his own PC gaming community website.

Jenn Garcia

Outreach | Some Sort of Secret Computer Genius

Jenn is studying business management and works on administration, event planning and outreach at the OSL. She previously worked at the OSU Foundation and aims to help the lab better connect with the community. She enjoys road trips, football and exploring new places.

Josh Gilardi

Marketing Coordinator & Graphic Designer | Awareness Interface Curator

Josh is a business marketing student working on the lab’s marketing and social media presence. He has experience managing social media accounts, developing brands and promoting events. Josh hopes to pursue a career in brand management after graduation. He enjoys surfing, graphic design and mountain biking in his free time.

Lucy Wyman

Web Designer

Lucy, a computer science major, joined the lab in November 2013. She works on the media team, maintaining and constructing new OSL project websites. Lucy specializes in web development, and is skilled at HTML, CSS and graphic design. She enjoys programming, learning to program and cruising Wikipedia in her free time. In addition, Lucy is a member of the OSU Linux Users Group and Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers.

Rachel Turner

Student Writer | Caffeine Advocate

Rachel is a speech communication major who writes and edits articles and Web content for the OSL. She is a member of the OSU Speech and Debate team and hopes to write speeches once she graduates. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys reading, watching movies and traveling.

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