Lance Albertson

Director | Cat Herder

Lance became OSL director in early 2013. He has managed all of the hosting activities that the OSL provides for more than 160 high-profile open source projects since joining the lab as lead systems administrator and architect in 2007. Lance’s involvement in the open source community began in 2003, when he became a developer and package maintainer with Gentoo Linux. Prior to joining the OSL, Lance was a UNIX Administrator for the Enterprise Server Technologies group at Kansas State University. In his free time he helps organize Beaver BarCamp and plays trumpet in local jazz group The Infallible Collective. Lance can be reached at lance-at-osuosl-dot-org

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Jeff Borcean

Community Systems Administrator | Resident Mac-tivist

Jeff is a computer science major who joined the OSL in June 2014. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys being outdoors, enjoying the sun. He also enjoys reading and playing a game of Jenga. Jeff started and ran the OSU chapter of Students United for Marriage, an initiative to get same-sex marriage in Oregon. In the future, Jeff hopes to find a way to mix computer science and political/social justice.

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Aaron Cohen

Student Developer

Aaron was hired in March of 2016 after hearing about the OSL from a former teacher. With a love for programming and open source, it was a perfect fit for him. He is currently studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and wants to pursue a career in the robotics field. Aaron can also solve a Rubik’s cube in under 15 seconds and aspires to compete at the national level.

Justin Dugger

Senior Systems Architect | Wears a Penguin Suit

Justin joined the OSL in March 2012 after studying and working at Kansas State University. Justin took graduate level courses in computer science at KSU and later worked as an applications system administrator there immediately before coming to the OSL. His work in identity and account management and his experience with Linux and Ubuntu are assets he'll utilize to benefit the lab's projects and infrastructure. Justin was involved in the Linux Users Group at KSU, and he has extensive experience with Java programming. Through the OSL, Justin is excited to be part of the wider open source community and to participate in outreach and development.

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Taylor Fahlman

Community Systems Administrator

Taylor, a computer science and vocal performance major, is a student community systems administrator at the OSL. In his spare time, Taylor likes to sing, program and strives to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Taylor is a member of the Kendama club on campus, and in the future he hopes to spread open source software and education to people around the world.

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Megan Goossens


Megan joined the OSL as a developer in May 2014. She is a computer science major with experience in Drupal development, and primarily plans to focus on the Protein Geometry Database. Megan enjoys reading in her spare time.

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Matthew Johnson


Matthew is a computer science major who joined the OSL in June 2015. He looks forward to learning more about GUIs while working at the lab. In his spare time he likes to spend time with his wife and play with his son and daughter.

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Amanda Kelner


Amanda is a freshman studying English and Music Performance. As our in-house writer, she creates content for our website including blog posts and updates to outdated pages. She also edits any talks or newsletters we produce, and runs our social media accounts.  In her free time, Amanda enjoys a good book or movie.

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Chris Keltz

Community System Administrator

Chris Keltz is a Electrical and Computer Engineering major from Salem, Oregon. He became interested in open source software at the age of 5 when he first installed Linux on his computer and is most interested in learning about Chef. In his spare time, Chris likes to play video games, his favorite being Dark Souls 2.

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Ian Kronquist


Ian joined the lab in November 2013 and is majoring in computer science. Skilled in the Python and C++ programming languages, Ian is currently working on the Oregon Virtual School District project. In his spare time he enjoys reading, programming and attending OSU Linux Users Group meetings.

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Annie Lei

Student Developer

Annie joined the OSL in March of 2016 after participating in Devops Bootcamp. The possibilities that come from the collaborative nature of the OSL is what excited her the most about working here. Outside of the OSL, she enjoys hanging out with friends and eating cheesecake.

Lee Leighton

​​Community Systems Administrator

Lee is a computer science major, and he joined the OSL as a community systems administrator in May 2014. Lee looks forward to learning more about the OSL infrastructure and hopes to contribute to Chef. In his spare time, Lee attends OSU Linux Users Group meetings, and enjoys reading as well as a good cup of coffee.

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Ken Lett

Senior Software Engineer

Ken began at the OSL in March 2012 after spending over a decade in various positions on the OSU campus. Since 1999, he has worked professionally as a systems administrator in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, completed an undergraduate degree in physics as a student and worked with Central Web Services as a software developer. Ken sees the OSL as a synthesis of the wide variety of projects he has worked on at the university and hopes to use his experience with many different technologies and his dual perspective as an OSU staff member and alumnus to benefit the lab. Ken's personal interests are as varied as the technical projects he has worked on; he is a blacksmith as well as a woodworker and enjoys writing fiction.

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Anthony Miller

Student Systems Engineer | The Lady Killer

Anthony is studying computer science and has worked on networking for the Apache Software Foundation and other projects. He is skilled in networking and LAN/WAN administration and joined the OSL to gain hands-on experience with real-world applications and issues. Anthony enjoys video games and playing drums in his free time.

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Spencer Moss

Community System Administrator

Spencer Moss has been working with the OSL since November 2015 and is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He became interested in working with the OSL in high school, where he studied in and maintained the computer science program. An interesting fact about Spencer is that he can type 100 words per minute using less than four fingers.

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Alex Nguyen

Student Developer

Alex joined the OSL staff in March 2016 and is earning a degree in Computer Science. Working at the OSL has given him a chance to turn his hobby into a paying job. Alex is trained in American and English cuisine and in his spare time, he likes to exercise, cook, and program for fun.


Tristan Patch


Tristan, an aspiring NASA programmer or game developer started at the OSL in June 2015. He is a computer science major and is involved with the Linux Users Group as well as the Gaming Club. In his spare time he plays games, browses the internet, and programs personal projects.

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Elsie Phillips

Project Manager | Sticker Tsarina

Elsie joined the OSL in June 2014, and is an economics major and computer science minor. At the OSL, she tracks the progress of projects, creates workflows, completes various graphic design projects and manages the lab's social media presence. Elsie enjoys reading, cooking, photography and playing trivial pursuit in her spare time. After she graduates, Elsie hopes to travel.

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Sean Rettig

Student Systems Engineer | Safety Officer

Sean is studying computer systems and joined the OSL in June 2012. He works on many projects at the lab but particularly enjoys working with the Apache Web server. In his free time, he works on his own PC gaming community website.

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Kenneth Steinfeld

Community Systems Administrator

Kenneth is currently a Sophomore studying Computer Science. 

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Alex Taylor

Student Developer

Alex joined the OSL in February of 2016 and is studying Computer Science. He became interested in the OSL after seeing some of our projects and wanted to put his skills to good use and apply them here. Alex is interested in learning more about back-end web development while working at the OSL.


Aileen Thai


Aileen is a computer science and digital communication arts double major who started at the lab in June 2015. She likes to play video games (Kingdom Hearts and Skyrim are her favorites) draw, read, and sleep in her spare time.

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Andy Tolvstad

Community Systems Administrator | Bash-Slinging Slasher

Andy is a computer science student who joined the OSL in December 2014 as a systems administrator. In his spare time, Andy arranges a cappella songs for small groups, plays music and watches Netflix. Andy enjoys playing Skyrim for PC and is especially interested in Web development.

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Evan Tschuy

Developer | Professional Hacker News Reader

Evan is a student developer at the OSL. He is a computer science major, and is currently working on Ganeti, a virtual server management tool. Although Evan is often busy with schoolwork, in his limited spare time he can be found climbing the bouldering walls at the OSU Rec Center. Evan hopes to someday climb some of Oregon’s famous climbing rocks.

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Jack Twilley

Developer | Maker of Things

While Jack has spent most of his career working with computers, he is currently studying food science and technology at Oregon State University. At the OSL, Jack works on the Protein Geometry Database project and also mentors students. When he’s not brewing tasty, award-winning mead, Jack maintains a number of solo open source projects and watches “Doctor Who.”

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Elijah Voigt

Developer | Gif Sommelier

Elijah is a computer science major who joined the OSL team in June 2014 as a student developer. At the OSL, Elijah works on Oregon Virtual School District Central and contributes to Fenestra. Elijah enjoys reading, making games and writing stories/blog posts in his spare time. Before graduation, Elijah is hoping to start his own software company.

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Lucy Wyman

Front-end Engineer | Open Sourceress

Lucy, a Junior studying computer science, started working for the Lab in November, 2013. She designs the front-end for our web-applications, maintains, and constructs websites for other OSL projects (such as Devops Daycamp and Beaver Barcamp). Lucy specializes in web development, and is skilled at HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python. She enjoys programming, running, and cooking. In addition, Lucy is Vice President of the OSU Linux Users Group, and leads Devops Bootcamp, and outreach program for budding software developers.

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