OSL Announces 10 year Celebration; Attends OSCON

The Open Source Lab (OSL) recently kicked off its 10 year celebration at the O’Reilly Open Source Conference in Portland July 23 - 26.

Over the last decade, the OSL has contributed much to the recent growth of the open source community and is using this milestone to reflect on its past accomplishments and to create goals for the future. By focusing to ‘Build The Future’ in three key areas: education, outreach, and research and infrastructure, the lab will strengthen its position as an open source leader.

“It’s an important milestone," says OSL Director Lance Albertson. "We’re not just a small group of people anymore but a maturing organization with a smart staff of both students and non-students."

Build The Future icons
Icons used to represent the three key areas of the Build The Future initiative: education, outreach and research & infrastructure.

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Open Source Bridge Promotes Community

Attendees at Open Source Bridge 2013Attendees at Open Source Bridge 2013 preparing for the conference.

With the open source conference season well underway, OSL students and staff were excited to attend Open Source Bridge at the Eliot Center in downtown Portland from June 18-21. Now in its fifth year, the conference provided a unique opportunity for the open source community to connect and share with each other.

Besides great vegetarian food, one of the ways conference organizers promoted a feeling of community was with the hacker lounge, sponsored by Intel. Comfortable seating, plenty of power strips and wifi, a 3-D printer and a Lego table added to the atmosphere of creativity. For OSL Director Lance Albertson, the hacker lounge was the most important part of Open Source Bridge.

“It provides a place to start a conversation, work together and find out other cool projects people are doing,” Albertson says.

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OSL to Mentor Four in Google Summer of Code

Students from India, Poland and the United Kingdom will work on projects for the OSL this summer.

The Oregon State University Open Source Lab has accepted four college students from around the world as Google Summer of Code 2013 participants. The four students will work on projects for the OSL over the summer with Google’s sponsorship and OSL staff members’ mentoring and supervision.

The OSL has not had four GSOC students since 2010. OSL Director Lance Albertson attributes this year’s increased number of students, compared to only one in 2012, to a greater variety of available projects.

“We had more projects that people were interested in this year,” Albertson says. “I think this year’s group of students is going to be pretty good; each of them have been proactive about contacting us and excited about working on their projects.”

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OSL Staff Participate at DrupalCon 2013

Open Source Lab staff members attended DrupalCon May 20-24 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. OSL attendees welcomed the opportunity to contribute and learn during the many sessions and social events.

“It was so good to see everyone in the open source community, meet new people and reconnect with people I only see once a year,” says Rudy Grigar, senior systems architect.

The OSL presented Put the Ops in Dev: What Developers Need to Know about Devops, a session to teach developers what they need to know about operations to improve the maintainability of their code in production. Grigar said that the session was fun to present, because they had good participation.

“We had lots of good questions at the end of the session from the Drupal community,” Grigar says.

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OSL's April 2013 Newsletter

Below is a summary of the Open Source Lab's tri-annual newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, visit our sign up form.

Letter from the Director

Dear Friends,Lance Albertson of the Open Source Lab

After working for nearly six years as the Oregon State University Open Source Lab’s lead systems engineer and the associate director, I became the lab’s new director in January. My involvement in the open source community began in 2003 with the Gentoo Linux distribution, and I am excited for the opportunity I will have to continue promoting and supporting FOSS in my new role. The OSL is unique for its heavy reliance on a student workforce to power the lab, and I plan to find new ways to further develop and expand our students’ abilities.

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Students & Community Members Learn Together at Beaver BarCamp 11

People gathering before the first session at Beaver BarCamp 11Students, community members and professionals gather before the first session at Beaver BarCamp 11.

More than 150 Oregon State students, community members and students from other Oregon universities gathered in the Kelley Engineering building April 20 to attend the Open Source Lab’s Beaver BarCamp 11. Attendees presented nearly 50 sessions on a wide range of topics ranging from the technical to the recreational, including successful system administration, mead brewing and how to turn a T-shirt into a tie.

The open, supportive atmosphere found at Beaver BarCamp encourages students and community members to come together, share what they know and learn from each other. After OSL Director Lance Albertson’s welcome speech, Beaver BarCamp participants created the schedule together, adding session titles to the board on large Post-it notes.

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