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10 Years In The Making

Build The Future

The Open Source Lab has been driving the growth of open source culture around the world since 2003.

The lab began by hosting projects like Drupal and Mozilla Firefox to success, and continues to support promising projects and communities. In house, OSL staff are developing new tools to advance open source software with open source solutions. And with an expanding focus on student employment, the lab is training a new generation of open source innovators. All of these contributions are enhanced by the lab’s commitment to building bridges between leaders in government, education and advocacy and the open source community.

The OSL has used the last 10 years to build a strong foundation of projects, people and ideas that are shaping the progress of the open source community. Now, the lab is taking the lead with key objectives to build an even stronger future. Through education, outreach and research & infrastructure development, the OSL will ensure open source technologies continue to advance well into the future.

Education, Outreach, Research & Infrastructure


Student employees gain professional experience at the OSL that they bring to careers in the technical industry. By increasing the number of students we’re sending into the industry with a passion for open source software and a full set of professional skills, the OSL is filling the skills gap and ensuring a rich future for open source technologies.


Open source is a unique and essential model because it puts community at the forefront. Community-driven innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum - and that’s why promoting collaboration, accessibility and transparency is one of the lab’s top priorities. We’re working to build a future that serves the core open source mission: connecting people and software to address real-world issues.

Research & Infrastructure

The OSL takes a dual approach to open source advancement by offering hosting and support resources to growing projects and developing in-house tools that bolster the open source community. By strengthening our internal infrastructure, the lab will expand its hosting and development capabilities to make an even greater impact.

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