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What does it mean to work here?

What does it mean to work here?

The Open Source Lab hires undergraduates for an on-campus, paid internship, 20 hours a week year-round, typically for two or more years, allowing students to continue taking classes while gaining real-world experience.

  • Students participate in all phases of a project, including application design, development, testing, delivery, hosting, and support of industrial strength applications.
  • Professional staff provides ongoing mentoring in software development, testing, and system administration best practices.
  • Students interact directly with clients to experience the business side of software engineering and application hosting.

Interested in joining the team?

All positions are pool positions and are filled as they become available. To check if we are hiring, go to the student jobs page and search for "open source lab" or one of the positions listed below.


  • Student Systems Engineer

Current Student Employee Resources