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FTP Server Rebuild - March 2024

by Lance Albertson on Thu, Mar 07 2024

Service(s) affected:

FTP mirroring service which includes (but not limited to) the following hostnames:

  • ftp.osuosl.org
  • ftp2.osuosl.org
  • ftp-chi.osuosl.org
  • ftp-nyc.osuosl.org
  • ftp-osl.osuosl.org
  • rsync.osuosl.org
  • rsync2.osuosl.org

Reason for outage:

We will upgrade all three servers' operating system from CentOS 7 …

On Leaving the Open Source Lab, Jonathan Frederick

by Jonathan Frederick on Wed, Sep 25 2019

My first Linux operating system was Ubuntu 10.04, when I was still young. It was my first experience with open-source software, which I didn't fully appreciate at the time. I just wanted an operating system to work on my Dell hand-me-down computer and didn't want to pay for windows …

Reflections on My Time at the Open Source Lab, Travis Whitehead

by Travis Whitehead on Wed, Apr 24 2019

Reflections on My Time at the Open Source Lab by Travis Whitehead

Working at the Open Source Lab has been the highlight of my computer science experience at Oregon State University. It was just by chance that I came across a job listing for the OSL. I had never heard …

OSL Alumnus Matthew Johnson on working at Tesla

by Jerry Peng on Thu, Mar 07 2019

Matthew Johnson is an OSU alumnus who now works at Tesla as a senior software engineer. He is a veteran of the U.S Marine Corps Infantry and served as a law enforcement officer. At Oregon State University, he worked for the Open Source Lab and received a scholarship from …

Hiring two DevOps student positions

by Lance Albertson on Tue, Jan 22 2019

Are you a student at Oregon State University who likes working with open source software? If so, then we have a job for you! We currently have two student systems engineer positions open which includes working with open source projects, gaining mentorship from professional staff, and interacting directly with clients …

TDS Telecom Support of OSU Open Source Lab Tops $5 Million

by Mohamed Eldebri on Wed, Jun 20 2018

TDS Telecommunications, a telephone and Internet services provider has been supporting the OSL since 2005 by providing bandwidth and colocation hosting for the OSL's mirrors. TDS recently made a large bandwidth donation valued at more than $1 million, making their cumulative support to the OSL top $5 million. Click here …

Goodbye Letter from Graduating Senior, Cody Holliday

by Cody Holliday on Thu, Jun 14 2018

The Open Source Lab has treated me well. I came here bright eyed and full of wonder, fascinated by the racks and racks of servers we had in the data center. Fascinated at the treasure trove of artifacts held in the back room from conventions passed, old CDs labeled "Fedora …

Mohamed Eldebri on OSL's participation in the Corvallis Maker Fair

by Mohamed Eldebri on Mon, May 07 2018

On April 28th, 2018, the OSL participated in the Corvallis Maker Fair for the second year in a row. We hosted 2 booths, the first had demos of programs in Python and Scratch, and the second had a HAProxy cluster with diskless nodes, which was built and deployed by OSL …

Cody Holliday on the Department of Energy Cyber Defense Competition 2018

by Cody Holliday on Mon, Apr 23 2018

I took part in a Cyber Defense Competition hosted by the Department of Energy, and it was a fantastic experience! Our team worked hard to ensure that we had a fighting chance at the competition, and we had much needed help from our mentor.

The competition took place in a …

OSL's Cody Holliday Wins Regional DOE Cyber Defense Competition

by Travis Whitehead on Wed, Apr 18 2018

The Open Source Lab's Cody Holliday recently competed on a team with five other students at the Department of Energy Cyber Defense Competition. Despite that this was their first time competing, they ranked first place in the regional competition, and fourth place nationally! Read more about the competition. If you …

OSL Alumnus Alex Plovi sells CoreOS to RedHat

by Cody Holliday on Wed, Feb 21 2018

CoreOS is a San Francisco based company that focuses on developing software for container management. Alex Polvi, the CEO of CoreOS and OSL alumnus, recently sold CoreOS to RedHat for $250 million. Congratulations, Alex! img src

Changing the World, One Line of Code at a Time

by Jonathan Frederick on Thu, Feb 15 2018

The OSU Experience Site has published an online article about our students! In it they talk about the services we provide, our positive impact on the lives of our student workers, and the industries we work with.

Jack Twilley on Leaving the OSL

by Jack Twilley on Mon, Feb 05 2018
About a decade ago, I was becoming disenchanted with my time in the computer
industry.  It wasn't *bad*, it just wasn't *me* anymore.  After some serious
soul searching, I decided to turn my hobby into my next career -- but I knew
that I needed formal education and training.  After some …

Jonathan Frederick on Packer Templates project at the OSL

by Jonathan Frederick on Fri, Jan 19 2018

At the OSL we use Packer to build our images, because of the reproducible and easy work-flow it allows. We can create an entire operating system image based off a Linux distribution without any interaction! With this we are looking to add much more complete and automated testing.

To help …

Ganeti Production Rebuild - Dec 11-15 & 18-19, 2017

by Lance Albertson on Wed, Dec 06 2017

Service(s) affected:

All VMs running on our production Ganeti cluster will need to be non-live migrated to their secondary nodes (i.e. shutdown and start is required). We expect the outages for each VM to be short (under 5 minutes each). To see a list of VMs that are …

Thank You for Supporting our Crowdfunding Campaign!

by Amanda Kelner on Thu, Sep 07 2017

As of September 1, the OSL has concluded its first ever crowdfunding campaign. With the support of our donors and the larger open source community, we managed to raise $7,140 to support our students here at the lab in compensating them for their work and enriching their experience through …

A Message from the Director

by Lance Albertson on Tue, Aug 15 2017

Since its creation in 2002, the Open Source Lab (OSL) has been a beacon of innovation, experiential learning, and hosting at Oregon State University and beyond. As Director, I’ve had the pleasure of watching the lab and its employees grow over the years and I’m so grateful to …

New Project: polr

by Amanda Kelner on Wed, Aug 09 2017

In July 2017, the OSL began providing virtual machine and database for hosting the demo service of polr. The project itself simplifies long and complicated urls. It was started by a high school student back in 2014 who has since volunteered on the Fedora Infrastructure team. For more information, visit …

Donate to Our Crowdfunding Campaign!

by Amanda Kelner on Thu, Aug 03 2017

We’re very excited to announce our very first crowdfunding campaign through the OSU foundation! The OSL relies on donations and revenue generating projects to fund its work and its students--the number of students we can hire and train is dependent on the donations we receive.

Help us fund five …

Cody Holliday on Why we should stop using C

by Cody Holliday on Mon, Jul 31 2017

Programming languages are a touchy topic in Computer Science. In certain crowds even mentioning a language will elicit groans and eye-rolling. Conversely, there are crowds that will only use certain languages for all projects.

These people have lost sight of the fact that programming languages are tools. Languages have certain …

Amanda Kelner on Graduating

by Amanda Kelner on Sun, Jul 30 2017

As of September 8th, my time here at OSU will officially come to an end. As sad as I'll be to leave my life here in Corvallis and as nerve-racking it is to enter the real world, I realized recently I've spent the last seventeen years of my life in …

Beaver BarCamp 17: New Horizons

by Amanda Kelner on Tue, May 09 2017

April 8 started out like any other Saturday in Spring in Corvallis: rainy, then sunny, then windy, windy-rainy sleet, hail, and then of course, sunny again. Despite the crazy weather, people from all walks of life still convened at the Kelley Engineering Center on the Oregon State Campus for the …

New Project: libpng Now Mirrored on ftp.osuosl.org

by Amanda Kelner on Fri, Apr 28 2017

The OSL took on a new project and delivers a new mirroring site libpng source for libpng tarball distributions that is 20+ times as fast as the old site. It also now responds to http and https requests as well as ftp requests. For more information and links, see the …

OSL Summer 2016 Internship

by Amanda Kelner on Mon, Oct 31 2016

In a new program, the Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSL) partnered with Intel to give community college students an opportunity to get hands-on experience with open-source projects. This summer, four students interned for 10 weeks at the OSL, working on a variety of projects, including web development and …

The OSL at PyCon

by OSU OSL on Thu, Jun 30 2016

The month of June opened with the annual PyCon event at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, the largest annual gathering for the Python community. This year, the OSL had the opportunity to send one of its own. Matthew Johnson presented a poster on Pymesync, a tool of Python.

But …

Congratulations 2016 Graduates!

by Amanda Kelner on Wed, Jun 01 2016

As exciting as the end of the school year is for everyone, and with it the promise of sun, no classes, shorts, extended vacations, and no classes, it also brings an inevitable goodbye to those leaving to enter the real world.

I'm talking about our graduating seniors. Those who have …


by Amanda Kelner on Wed, Feb 24 2016

Within the last several years, the OSL has provided a home for the Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor System, or RTEMS. RTEMS is an open Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) that supports both open application programming interfaces (API) and interfacing standards such as Berkeley sockets. Basically, RTEMS supports the embedded systems in …

CASS and the AllSeen Alliance

by Amanda Kelner on Thu, Feb 11 2016

Oregon State University has joined the world’s technology leaders — including LG, Microsoft, and Qualcomm — to advance the collaborative development of the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT is a network of devices that exchange information — anything from smaller devices like watches to full-scale “smart cities.” IoT devices are almost too …

DevOps DayCamp 2015

by Amanda Kelner on Thu, Oct 29 2015

In early October, we hosted our second annual DevOps DayCamp to over eighty students, faculty, and community members, acting as a feeder workshop into the year long DevOps BootCamp series. Beyond its promotional function, our DayCamp provided an interactive workshop for those in attendance.

We offered seminars and interactive programs …

OSL GSOC 2015 - Oregon's Catch

by Evan Tschuy on Mon, Sep 14 2015

This summer the Open Source Lab had three students from around the world working on open source software through Google Summer of Code. The OSL has participated in GSoC for nine years, and each year has had its own unique challenges and successes.

I had an opportunity to work with …

OSL GSOC 2015 - Protein Geometry Database

by Elijah Voigt on Sat, Sep 12 2015

What is the Protein Geometry Database?

The Protein Geometry Database project (PGD) is many things to many people.

The synopses on code.osuosl.org says:

"Protein Geometry Database is a specialized search engine for protein geometry. It allows you to explore either protein conformation or protein covalent geometry or the …

Mysql1-vip Outage Post-Mortem

by jordane on Fri, Aug 07 2015


On July 15th we ran into a number of issues with replication on mysql2 on a couple of session tables. This caused replication to be paused, and a large number of statements had to be skipped. Replication was restarted successfully. On July 16th some more issues with the same …

Write the Docs '15

by Elijah Voigt on Wed, Jun 17 2015

The day is May 18. The location is the Portland's Crystal Ballroom. The conference is Write the Docs (WtD). Excitement and anticipation fill the air as we collectively munch on breakfast foods and find a seat. The keynote begins and immediately sets the mood: docs are fun, docs are interesting …

Coming Soon: Beaver BarCamp 15

by Rachel Turner on Fri, May 01 2015

Spring is almost here, and that means Beaver BarCamp 15 is quickly approaching. The OSL's annual unconference is scheduled for Saturday, April 18th. Participants are beginning to gather ideas and information for their sessions, and the Open Source Lab is offering up some helpful suggestions on how to present a …


by Elijah Voigt on Tue, Mar 24 2015

A few months ago, Emily Dunham and I were chatting about the talks we had recently presented at the Seattle GNU/Linux conference, and the topic of other conferences and events we were interested in speaking at came up. She pointed me to the Southern California Annual Linux Expo (SCALE …

A Successful DevOps DayCamp

by Rachel Turner on Thu, Nov 06 2014

Over 100 students and community members attended the Open Source Lab’s DevOps DayCamp in the Kelley Engineering Center at Oregon State University on Saturday, Oct. 11.

DevOps DayCamp, a new event this year, was the kick-off for DevOps BootCamp, an extracurricular training program in its second year that takes …

Using Variables in a Custom Drupal Theme

by lucyw on Wed, Oct 01 2014

At the Open Source Lab we host many of our sites as a Drupal multisite. This means that we have several instances of Drupal using the same theme, and then we can populate each site with different content as needed (for instance, cass.oregonstate.edu and osuosl.org would be …

DevOps DayCamp

by Rachel Turner on Mon, Sep 15 2014

The Open Source Lab will host the new DevOps DayCamp on Saturday, October 11, in the Kelley Engineering Center from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.

DevOps DayCamp will kick off DevOps BootCamp, allowing students to start their DevOps education …

My Experiences with Openstack

by Geoff Corey on Mon, Sep 15 2014

In the simplest of terms, OpenStack is a massive undertaking. The goal of OpenStack is to fit just about every use case imaginable. This goal brings with it a daunting list of configuration options and requires a larger understanding of networking and virtualization systems. Couple that with cryptic error messages …

Make Bash, Not War

by Daniel Takamori on Mon, Aug 04 2014

At the OSL we have shared workstations, most of which are named after colors. In the NOC, I usually work at emerald.workstation.osuosl.bak (Figure 1). I use tmux (Figure *) to multiplex so I can have multiple terminals open in a single ssh connection and connect to my session …

A Recap of OSCON 2014

by Rachel Turner on Thu, Jul 31 2014

The OSL made a strong showing at the O’Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON) this year with the majority of the student employees attending along with all of the full time staff. The conference was held in Portland, OR, and fell on July 20-24.

The Lab always places a special …

Google Migration Post-mortem

by Justin Dugger on Thu, Jul 03 2014

OSU administration recently approached the OSL asking us to help migrate their email archives to Google. Through contacts with other local universities that had made the switch recently, we discovered that Portland State University had written and published an open source Python app to manage the process. In the name …

Vim Trick FTW!

by Emily Dunham on Wed, Jun 11 2014

Recently, I learned a useful Vim trick. One of our hosted clients has a Dokuwiki instance that we help manage, and they were having problems with a lot of spam user accounts being created. We added a CAPCHA to the wiki to make it less convenient for new spammers to …

OpenStack on OpenPOWER

by ramereth on Wed, Apr 23 2014

Openstack has been growing in popularity over the past few years and recently we’ve started to look into it further here at the OSL. We plan to continue to use Ganeti for our high-available IaaS needs, however we’re researching ways to integrate Openstack at the lab as well …

Protein Geometry - What the Heck is That?

by Jack Twilley on Sat, Mar 29 2014

When I bumped into my biochemistry professor, Dr. Kevin Ahern, on campus a few months ago, I had the pleasure of explaining how I actually get to use what I learned in his class. And at the Open Source Lab of all places. At the lab, I’ve had the …

Openstack's Horizon

by Melissa on Thu, Feb 20 2014

The first tech post is by Chance Zibolski, a community system administrator and project lead of Ganeti Web Manager, a Web administration panel that allows administrators and clients access to administer and use Google’s open source cloud infrastructure.

Recently the OSU Open Source Lab has been experimenting with different …

DevOps Bootcamp Extends OSL Reach

by Melissa Morse on Mon, Dec 16 2013

Sometimes, it’s hard to be popular. The increasing popularity of open source means that there are always more students interested in the Open Source Lab than we have the ability to hire and mentor. In order to increase the lab’s reach and educate more people about FOSS, the …

10 Projects Making a Difference

by Melissa on Mon, Nov 25 2013

Submitted by Melissa Morse on November 25, 2013

In addition to supporting projects that are making significant impacts on technology, the Open Source Lab hosts projects that are striving to make the world a better place. The following 10 open source projects (in no particular order) promote open source technology …

Connecting at Beaver BarCamp 12

by Melissa on Thu, Oct 17 2013

More than 160 students, community members and educators gathered in the Kelley Engineering Center at Oregon State to share ideas, make connections and learn together at the Open Source Lab’s Beaver BarCamp 12 on Saturday, October 12. An informal conference hosted twice each year by the Open Source Lab …

Top 10 Projects Impacting the Open Source Community

by Melissa Morse on Fri, Sep 13 2013

The Open Source Lab serves as a trusted third-party home to some of the largest open source projects. By promoting collaboration, accessibility and transparency, these projects are advancing the open source mission. The following (in no particular order) are 10 projects that make a significant impact on the open source …

Top 10 Milestones

by Melissa Morse on Thu, Aug 22 2013

The Open Source Lab is celebrating 10 years of open source hosting, development and education. Here is a look back at some of our most important accomplishments.

  1. 2003 Domain name
    The domain name osuosl.org was created on October 11 at 17:25:06 UTC.

  2. 2003/04 Mozilla Firefox
    The …

A Look Back at Beaver BarCamp 1

by Melissa Morse on Mon, Aug 19 2013

After attending BarCamp Portland, Alex Polvi was inspired to create a similar opportunity for Corvallis. At the time, Polvi was a computer science student at Oregon State University, and he approached Associate Professor Timothy Budd about creating a BarCamp on campus. After driving up to Portland with some students in …

OSL Announces 10 year Celebration; Attends OSCON

by Melissa on Tue, Jul 30 2013

The Open Source Lab (OSL) recently kicked off its 10 year celebration at the O’Reilly Open Source Conference in Portland July 23 - 26.

Over the last decade, the OSL has contributed much to the recent growth of the open source community and is using this milestone to reflect on …

Open Source Bridge Promotes Community

by Melissa Morse on Mon, Jun 24 2013

With the open source conference season well underway, OSL students and staff were excited to attend `Open Source Bridge`_ at the Eliot Center in downtown Portland from June 18-21. Now in its fifth year, the conference provided a unique opportunity for the open source community to connect and share …

OSL to Mentor Four in Google Summer of Code

by Kayla Harr on Wed, Jun 05 2013

Students from India, Poland and the United Kingdom will work on projects for the OSL this summer. The Oregon State University Open Source Lab has accepted four college students from around the world as Google Summer of Code 2013 participants. The four students will work on projects for the OSL …

OSL Staff Participate at DrupalCon 2013

by Melissa Morse on Tue, Jun 04 2013

Open Source Lab staff members attended DrupalCon May 20-24 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. OSL attendees welcomed the opportunity to contribute and learn during the many sessions and social events.

“It was so good to see everyone in the open source community, meet new people and reconnect with …

OSL's April 2013 Newsletter

by Mitchell Garcia on Wed, May 01 2013
Lance Albertson

Below is a summary of the Open Source Lab's tri-annual newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, visit our sign up form.

Letter from the Director

Dear Friends,

After working for nearly six years as the Oregon State University Open Source Lab’s lead systems engineer and the associate …

Students & Community Members Learn Together at Beaver BarCamp 11

by Melissa Morse on Wed, May 01 2013

More than 150 Oregon State students, community members and students from other Oregon universities gathered in the Kelley Engineering building April 20 to attend the Open Source Lab’s Beaver BarCamp 11. Attendees presented nearly 50 sessions on a wide range of topics ranging from the technical to the recreational …

OSL to Participate in Google Summer of Code 2013

by Kayla Harr on Thu, Apr 11 2013

This year will be the lab's seventh straight as a GSOC mentor.

Open Source Lab staff are excited to announce that the lab has been accepted as a Google Summer of Code mentoring organization for the seventh year running. GSoC is a valuable opportunity for collaboration between the lab and …

OSL Staff Mentors International Students Through Google Summer of Code

by Kayla Harr on Mon, Feb 11 2013

Real-world work experience is one of the most valuable things an employer can provide to students preparing to enter the job market.

At the Oregon State University Open Source Lab, that experience is readily available to 19 part-time student employees who balance their coursework at Oregon State with a job …

Students, Community and Professionals Collaborate at Beaver BarCamp 10

by Kayla Harr on Sat, Nov 03 2012

On Oct. 13, more than 150 people gathered in Kelley Engineering Center to attend the Oregon State University Open Source Lab’s Beaver BarCamp 10. Beaver BarCamp is a semiannual unconference that brings together students as well as community members to discuss technology, recreation and ideas in an interactive setting …

From Support to Success

by Kayla Harr on Sat, Aug 18 2012

When staff members at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab were working with creators of the Drupal content management system to provide free hosting services to the overloaded project in 2005, crisis hit. A server meltdown left all Drupal websites down for two days, emphasizing the project’s need …

OSL in the Spotlight at Summer Conferences

by Kayla Harr on Mon, Aug 13 2012

The open source community is driven by the people who use, change and support open source software. This summer, members of the Open Source Lab staff enjoyed opportunities to connect with those people face-to-face at annual open source events. Lab staff and students attended the Portland conferences Open Source Bridge …

OSL Advances With New Staff Members; Renewed Focus

by Kayla Harr on Mon, Aug 06 2012

The Oregon State University Open Source Lab recently hired three new full-time staff members as part of a movement toward expansion as a self-supported campus entity. The additional staff members will provide comprehensive support in lab operations, allowing the OSL to increase student opportunities within the lab and improve the …

Building a Bright Future With DevOps

by Kayla Harr on Thu, Aug 02 2012

Submitted by Kayla Harr on August 2, 2012

Student Experience at OSUOSL

Sometimes finding the best solution means starting over. That was Mike Cooper's dilemma as he tackled his first solo project at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab. An OSU sophomore studying computer science who had just been hired in March 2010 …

Connect With the OSL at OSCON 2012

by Kayla Harr on Wed, Jul 11 2012

Staff members and students from the Oregon State University Open Source Lab will represent the lab at Portland’s O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) July 16-20. An annual open source conference, OSCON engages all aspects of the open source community with sessions, tutorials, keynote presentations and an expo.

The …

Open Source, Open Future

by Kayla Harr on Thu, May 10 2012

Submitted by Kayla Harr on May 10, 2012

Students reap the benefits of professional programming experience at the OSU Open Source Lab

As a freshman at Oregon State University in early 2010, Jordan Evans didn't have a lot of computer science experience. Though he had always had an interest in …

Setting the Bar High

by Kayla Harr on Thu, May 10 2012

The Oregon State University Open Source Lab’s Beaver BarCamp 9 brought around 70 people to the Kelley Engineering Center on April 21 to discuss projects, explore new interests and share ideas. The sessions held throughout the day varied greatly in topic -- from robotics to hydroponic gardening to gaming -- but …

OSL 'Unconference' Approaches

by Kayla Harr on Tue, Apr 03 2012

The Oregon State University Open Source Lab will host Beaver BarCamp 9 Saturday, April 21, in the Kelley Engineering Center. The event is free and open to anyone, including OSU students of all majors and interests, faculty and community members.

Beaver BarCamp is an opportunity to learn about an assortment …

Highlights From Beaver Barcamp 8

by OSUOSL Admin on Mon, Oct 31 2011

Beaver BarCamp 8 Quick Facts:

  • Number of T-Shirts Ordered: 100
  • Number of Raffle Tickets Distributed: 136
  • OSL Mugs Raffled Off: 6
  • Happy Recipients of Kindle Fire Door Prize: 1
  • Hero Sandwiches Consumed: 42' of Tasty
  • Awesome Sponsors: Mozilla, SAO Corvallis and Thumb Arcade
  • Cool Factor: 11

The Oregon State University …

Lots of Love from LinuxCon

by OSUOSL Admin on Mon, Aug 29 2011

You may recall our earlier article on the OSU Open Source Lab's plans for LinuxCon North America 2011. If you're following us on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen some of this great news stream by already. But we do have some great new photos to share, so read …

All Aboard for Vancouver!

by OSUOSL Admin on Wed, Aug 10 2011

The OSUOSL Heads to LinuxCon North America 2011 Next Week

The entire OSU Open Source Lab team will be catching a ride on the Tux Bus next Monday, headed to Vancouver, B.C. and LinuxCon North America 2011. We're very excited to be leading all the sessions for the brand …

New Study to Investigate Use of Open Source Software for Securing the Energy Industry

by OSUOSL Admin on Sun, Aug 07 2011

Energy Sector Security Consortium and the Oregon State University Open Source Lab Partner to Establish Effective and Inclusive Collaboration and Governance Models


CORVALLIS, Oregon - The Energy Sector Security Consortium (EnergySec) and Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab (OSUOSL) announced today that they will partner to perform strategic research …

A Little Love for the LUG

by OSUOSL Admin on Wed, Aug 03 2011

he Oregon State University Linux Users Group (LUG) exists to promote free and open source software on campus. Its members and moderators turn to events like OSCON to find support from premier open source affiliates to help boost the group’s reputability at Oregon State University, and last week some …

Highlights from OSCON 2011

by OSUOSL Admin on Mon, Aug 01 2011

Summer Camp for Geeks

Students at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSL) get into a project development groove, especially during the summer months. They’re happy to exit the groove, though, when major open source events roll into the region.

Expo Hall Floor at OSCON 2011, a.k.a. Summer Camp for Geeks

A group of them took a break from …

Come See the OSUOSL at OSCON 2011

by OSUOSL Admin on Fri, Jul 22 2011

It's that time of year again in Portland, Oregon. It's sunny and warm - well, it is today - and the annual OSCON conference is just around the corner. The OSU Open Source Lab team will be participating in several activities at the conference, and we hope to meet some new folks …

OSL Talks OSWALD and Ganeti at Open Source Bridge

by OSUOSL Admin on Fri, Jul 22 2011

Three representatives of the Open Source Lab gave presentations at last week's Open Source Bridge conference in Portland.

The annual four-day conference is a public platform for open source developers to discuss various technologies and projects. Hundreds of people filed in each day to listen to the individual talks and …

OSUOSL Alum Eric Searcy Joins the Linux Foundation as IT Infrastructure Manager

by OSUOSL Admin on Wed, Jul 06 2011

Eric Searcy, a former three-year student employee at the Open Source Lab, has picked up a new role at the Linux Foundation as the organization’s IT Infrastructure Manager. He will be in charge of maintaining and deploying systems, systems security, and keeping the Foundation's IT infrastructure up and running …

Out and About with the OSL in June

by OSUOSL Admin on Mon, Jun 06 2011

Summer conference season is upon us, and employees of the OSL will be giving several talks. Kicking off June's festivities, Leslie Hawthorn will be discussing "Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software: Saving the World One Bit at a Time" at Southeast LinuxFest. The conference runs from June 10-12 in Spartanburg …

Emily on Essentials: Robotics, Open Source and Life as New Student at the OSL

by OSUOSL Admin on Fri, Jun 03 2011

Ed. Note: As part of our ongoing series of interviews with the OSL's student employees, this week we're bringing you the story of Emily Dunham, one the newest additions to the OSL. Emily joined us just over a month ago as a student developer. Emily was kind enough to share …

Special Student Attendee Packages for LinuxCon North America 2011

by OSUOSL Admin on Mon, May 16 2011

You may recall from our recent newsletter that the OSL team is organizing a student focused track at the Linux Foundation's upcoming conference, LinuxCon North America 2011. Dubbed Linux Learners Day, these sessions for students will be taught by OSL staff and will focus on fundamentals of Linux, embedded systems …

OSL Newsletter - April 2011

by Lance Albertson on Fri, Apr 29 2011
OSL in Prineville

The OSL Team and Our Host, David Recordon, at Facebook's Prineville Data Center

We've been spending the past few weeks making our plans for the summer: specing out longer term projects for our student employees, sharing our knowledge at conferences and continuing our mission to grow and support the world …

Visiting Prineville: OSL Tours Facebook's Open Compute Data Center

by Lance Albertson on Tue, Apr 19 2011

If you've been following the news, you've likely heard of the Open Compute Project, Facebook's project to build the most efficient data center at the lowest possible cost and to share their knowledge with other companies. Last Friday, Facebook opened the doors of their Prineville, Oregon data center, inviting a …

OSL Newsletter: A Look Back at 2010

by Lance Albertson on Mon, Jan 03 2011

We’ve had plenty of good things happening at the OSL since we brought your our last newsletter, and as we’re busy gearing up for 2011 we wanted to take a few moments to share our good news with the community.

First, the best news: We’re Hiring!

The …

CrisisCommons is pleased to announce partnership with OSU's Open Source Lab

by OSUOSL Admin on Wed, Dec 15 2010

CrisisCommons is a global network of volunteers who use creative problem solving and open technologies to help people and communities in times and places of crisis. CrisisCommons is pleased to join several other humanitarian free and open source software projects hosted by Oregon State University's Open Source Lab (OSL).

The …

OSU Open Source Lab to assist young students in “Google Code-in” contest

by OSUOSL Admin on Mon, Nov 15 2010

CORVALLIS, Ore. - High school students can soon participate in the Google Code-in Contest with the assistance of the Open Source Lab at Oregon State University.

In this contest, which begins Nov. 22, students aged 13-18 will be provided with a list of tasks that could improve various open source software …

TeachEngineering Project Receives Award from NSF's National Science Digital Library

by OSUOSL Admin on Wed, Nov 10 2010

At the annual meeting of the National Science Digital Library in Washington, D.C. earlier this week, the TeachEngineering digital library received a “recognition of excellence” award from NSDL. The NSDL is the National Science Foundation's online library of resources and collections for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education and …

Selected for Google Code-in 2010

by Lance Albertson on Thu, Nov 04 2010

We are thrilled to have been selected as mentoring organization for the Google Code-in contest.

Right now, we're busy getting our task list up to date on the contest website, http://google-melange.com.


Greg Lund-Chaix has written a blog post aimed at educators about why he's excited to participate …

Leslie Hawthorn Joins OSU Open Source Lab

by Lance Albertson on Thu, Oct 07 2010

CORVALLIS, Ore. - The Oregon State University Open Source Lab is pleased to announce that Leslie Hawthorn has just joined the team as an Open Source Outreach Manager. An internationally known speaker and advocate for open source software development methodologies and community practices, Leslie Hawthorn brings more than 10 years experience …

OSL Newsletter - August 2010

by Lance Albertson on Wed, Aug 11 2010

OSL Newsletter

This newsletter contains updates of recent events at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab. We will continue to publish newsletters every 3-6 months in the future. Newsletters will be posted to our website as well as sent out to an email list. If you'd like to receive …

Give 6 Program Ends Successfully

by OSUOSL Admin on Mon, Aug 02 2010

The Give 6 fund raising program which was launched last year has completed with great success. Friends of the Oregon State University Open Source Lab were invited to make a gift in honor of our sixth anniversary. Responses came from 88 unique donors representing 27 U.S. states and 17 …

OpenConferenceWare-Android Launched for OSCON

by OSUOSL Admin on Mon, Jul 12 2010

We are happy to announce that we've completed work on our OpenConferenceware-Android application to make it available for OSCON 2010. You can download the app to your Android phone to get access to OSCON schedule, maps, and more.

Peter Krenesky, the lead developer of the Android application, has written a …

OSUOSL Speakers at Open Source Bridge

by OSUOSL Admin on Mon, May 10 2010

We're always excited to see open source events happening, especially when they are in our home state of Oregon! Open Source Bridge will have its second annual conference June 1-4, and the Oregon State University Open Source Lab will be well represented at the event where five of our staff …

MeeGo Comes to OSUOSL

by OSUOSL Admin on Tue, Apr 13 2010

As part a major effort and plan by the worldwide Nokia (Mameo project) and Intel (Moblin project) to share the MeeGo operating system code with the open source community, MeeGo has selected OSU's Open Source Lab as its infrastructure home. Today MeeGo is an open source project hosted by the …

Drupal Association supports OSUOSL with $15,000

by OSUOSL Admin on Mon, Dec 28 2009

The Drupal Association is supporting the Oregon State University Open Source Lab to the tune of $15,000. Specifically, $10,000 is being directed specifically towards paying OSL student employees to work on drupal.org infrastructure tasks. Our students have been instrumental in setting up and maintaining the infrastructure for …


by OSUOSL Admin on Mon, Nov 02 2009

This year, join us for a special one-day Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON) DC on Thursday, November 5 at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. The program will focus on how federal agencies are using open technology in support of their agency mission objectives while reducing costs and …

Google Surpasses $1M in Donations to OSUOSL

by OSUOSL Admin on Tue, Aug 11 2009

Google has generously donated $300,000 to support the Oregon State University Open Source Lab. With this donation, the companies cumulative support of the Lab has now topped $1 million.

Google is a Platinum Sponsor of the OSL Alliance program which enables commercial vendors to financially support the expansion of …

OSCON 2009

by OSUOSL Admin on Fri, Jul 17 2009

Being located so close to Portland, of course we at the OSU Open Source Lab were sad to see OSCON move down to the Bay Area this year. However, it remains a great convention not only for the abundance of wonderful sessions, but for bringing together so many open source …

Catch us at Open Source Bridge

by OSUOSL Admin on Wed, Jun 17 2009

Open Source Bridge starts today and runs through Friday at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. Most of our full-time staff will be participating in the conference, so please stop us in the hallway and say hi!

Deborah Bryant will be speaking on Open Source in Government.

Lance Albertson …

Hackathon at Open Source Bridge

by OSUOSL Admin on Mon, Jun 15 2009

The Open Source Lab is organizing a Hackathon (code sprint) at the Open Source Bridge conference, June 17-19th at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. We’re bringing people together to help out Sunlight Lab’s Fifty States Project. If you’re interested in helping promote government openness and transparency …

Hardware Donation Expands OSUOSL Infrastructure

by OSUOSL Admin on Fri, May 22 2009

The Oregon State University Open Source Lab recently received a large gift in-kind donation from a local Portland company which included approximately 20 servers, two NetApp filers with approximately 14TB of disk space, load balancers, and more. This is a very generous donation which will help the OSL replace aging …

Flourish! Open Source Conference

by OSUOSL Admin on Wed, May 06 2009

Last month, Oregon State University Open Source Lab Operations Manager, Jeff Sheltren, headed to Chicago for Flourish! Open Source Conference, put on by the University of Illinois, Chicago. There was a great crowd at Flourish with a number of excellent speakers and demonstration/learning sessions going on throughout the two …

OSUOSL Visit to Japan

by OSUOSL Admin on Thu, Apr 16 2009

Deb Bryant, the OSU Open Source Lab's Public Sector Communities Manager, was recently invited to participate in a number of events in and around Matsue City, located in the Shimane Prefecture of Japan. The region has drawn national recognition for the Matsue "Ruby City" project, a highly innovative initiative to …

Linux.com finds new home at OSUOSL

by OSUOSL Admin on Tue, Mar 03 2009

Linux.com is now being run by the Linux Foundation and, along with most of the other Linux Foundation infrastructure, is hosted at the OSU Open Source Lab.

The site has historically been a source for articles, information, and online forums about the Linux operating system. Under the Linux Foundation …

OSU Open Source Lab announces OSL Alliance Corporate Sponsorship Program

by OSUOSL Admin on Tue, Mar 03 2009

IBM, Google and Real Networks among lab's industry donors

Source: Jeff Sheltren, 541-713-3206

Media contact: Todd Simmons, 541-737-4611

CORVALLIS, Ore. - The Oregon State University Open Source Lab, home to growing open source communities, today announced the OSL Alliance™ corporate sponsorship program. The OSL Alliance enables commercial vendors to financially support …

Helping Drupal Grow

by OSUOSL Admin on Thu, Feb 05 2009

Submitted by OSUOSL Admin on February 5, 2009

When Drupal began to outgrow its infrastructure in the summer of 2005, its developers appealed to the open source community for help. OSL offered to host the equipment, and students Eric Searcy and Narayan Newton were put on the case.

"We attacked …

Reciprocity and Gentoo

by OSUOSL Admin on Thu, Feb 05 2009

It's not an overstatement to say that Gentoo was integral to the Open Source Lab’s foundation. The Linux-based operating system was one of the OSL's first projects - it even preceded the existence of the lab - and was instrumental in building the buzz that put open source at OSU on …

OSUOSL Hosts OpenMRS Development

by OSUOSL Admin on Mon, Jan 12 2009

OpenMRS is an open source electronic medical record system framework. Led by the Regenstrief Institute and Partners In Health, OpenMRS has been implemented in several countries including South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Uganda, and Tanzania.

The Oregon State University Open Source Lab is providing hosting for the OpenMRS …

OSUOSL One of Nation's "Really Cool" Networking Labs

by OSUOSL Admin on Sat, Jan 10 2009

The Oregon State University Open Source Lab was recently featured in a Network World online story about really cool university computer network labs. This is a great honor for us, and we are glad to be in such good company. Some of the highlights of the OSUOSL included in the …

rpm.org and yum move to OSUOSL

by OSUOSL Admin on Mon, Sep 29 2008

The Oregon State University Open Source Lab is proud to be the new home for two very important OSS projects. We are now hosting the main web sites, ticket trackers, code repositories, and mailing lists for RPM and yum.

RPM is the package management system used by many Linux distributions …

A Look Back at the OSL's Partnerships with Google and TDS

by Anonymous on Mon, Mar 06 2006

As the Open Source Lab celebrates a decade of open source hosting, development and education, the lab is reflecting on its past accomplishments. Below is a favorite from our archives.

OSL Teams with TDS for Bandwidth Increase

Originally published on March 06, 2006

The Open Source Lab at Oregon State …

A Look Back at Mozila Firefox 1.0

by Anonymous on Tue, Nov 16 2004

As the Open Source Lab celebrates a decade of open source hosting, development and education, the lab is reflecting on its past accomplishments. Below is a favorite from our archives.

OSL Hosting Popular New Firefox Web Browser

Originally posted on November 16, 2004

Mozilla’s Firefox 1.0, the newly …