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Congratulations 2016 Graduates!

by Amanda Kelner on Wed, Jun 01 2016

As exciting as the end of the school year is for everyone, and with it the promise of sun, no classes, shorts, extended vacations, and no classes, it also brings an inevitable goodbye to those leaving to enter the real world.

I'm talking about our graduating seniors. Those who have earned their stripes and are ready to move on. The superstars stepping up to take the stage. The brave few willing to begin paying off their student loans. Many of our graduates have spent multiple years working for the OSL, some starting not long after high school. And we're losing too many good ones this year, including:

Megan Goossens-Developer

Anthony Miller-Student Systems Engineer

Elsie Phillips-Project Manager

Sean Rettig-Student Systems Engineer

Lucy Wyman-Front End Engineer

As sad as we are to see them go, we're so proud of everything our students have accomplished and hope they only excel in their futures.

Word on the street is the feeling is mutual. Lucy Wyman says, "Graduating is incredibly bittersweet, and the OSL is far and away the most valuable experience I've had in college." The OSL is dedicated to mentoring its students beyond the classroom. But their fresh eyes and innovation cannot be stressed enough. While they learn from us, we're learning from them as well. Their experience is just as valuable to us as we are to them.

We wish all our graduates the best of luck in their post Oregon State plans as we wave a final farewell. Congratulations on your success!