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A Successful DevOps DayCamp

by Rachel Turner on Thu, Nov 06 2014

Over 100 students and community members attended the Open Source Lab’s DevOps DayCamp in the Kelley Engineering Center at Oregon State University on Saturday, Oct. 11.

DevOps DayCamp, a new event this year, was the kick-off for DevOps BootCamp, an extracurricular training program in its second year that takes place throughout the school year for OSU students and community members interested in DevOps. DayCamp is a dual-track event designed to accommodate varying levels of DevOps experience. Tracks consisted of a beginner track and an advanced track, with one joint session for all experience levels.

The beginner track guided less experienced attendees in getting started through introductory and workshop sessions on the basics of DevOps. Led by the OSL staff, beginner attendees received instruction on some basic tools of DevOps, including Linux, the terminal and IRC. The sessions set beginners up for a successful DevOps BootCamp experience.

Computer science student Anna Murphy, a beginner, says, “It was pretty intense, but as fast as it went it was still manageable. At the end of the day I was amazed by how much I had managed to learn. I kept thinking that I wish they had told me this in one of my classes.”

Advanced track sessions covered tools useful in DevOps. Talks were given by industry professionals, and included Ansible, Travis CI and Docker. Sessions were lecture-based, but also provided time to workshop and gain hands-on experience.

OSL system administrator Daniel Takamori delivered a presentation on Docker in the advanced track. “It was great fun and I would love to do it again. The two sides of tracks were great. The wide variety of experience was neat to interact with.”

Nike presented a joint session talk about how DevOps is used in a corporate setting. The joint session covered topics including DevOps culture, continuous integration and deployment, cloud architecture, cloud security and what DevOps is like within Nike.

Murphy felt it was a valuable experience to extend her education. “It felt like I had a better understanding of what tools were used in the industry and how to access them,” Murphy says.

DevOps BootCamp takes place on Mondays from 7-9pm in the Kelley Engineering Center. Check out the website for more information!