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TeachEngineering Project Receives Award from NSF's National Science Digital Library

by OSUOSL Admin on Wed, Nov 10 2010

At the annual meeting of the National Science Digital Library in Washington, D.C. earlier this week, the TeachEngineering digital library received a “recognition of excellence” award from NSDL. The NSDL is the National Science Foundation's online library of resources and collections for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education and research.

At the opening of this year’s annual meeting, chair Susan Jesuroga recognized the TeachEngineering collection as the most learning application-ready collection in NSDL. The recognition was based on an audit of quality criteria defined by NSDL as part of an assessment of the learning application readiness of NSDL’s 121 collections.

TeachEngineering is a digital library of 900+ K-12 engineering lessons and hands-on activities. The lesson materials are developed by a variety of universities in collaboration with K-12 schools organizations and programs and are made available free-of-charge to educators. The TeachEngineering initiative is run by a collaboration of the University of Colorado at Boulder, Duke University, Worcester Polytechnic University, Colorado School of Mines and Oregon State University. The project is hosted at OSU’s Open Source Lab.

For more information about TeachEngineering, visit http://teachengineering.org. For more information about the TeachEngineering project and the Open Source Lab, see our TeachEngineering Featured Project Story