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Top 10 Projects Impacting the Open Source Community

by Melissa Morse on Fri, Sep 13 2013

The Open Source Lab serves as a trusted third-party home to some of the largest open source projects. By promoting collaboration, accessibility and transparency, these projects are advancing the open source mission. The following (in no particular order) are 10 projects that make a significant impact on the open source community.

  1. Apache Software Foundation
    The Apache Software Foundation manages the development of many open source software packages, most notably the Apache Web server. The ASF was one of the OSL’s first hosted projects, coming aboard in 2003. The OSL provides hosting for the ASF's operational infrastructure.

  2. Linux Foundation
    The Linux Foundation promotes, protects and advances Linux. To achieve these tasks, the Linux Foundation provides legal services to Linux developers, collaborates on the Linux Standards Base, hosts events for the Linux community and provides public relations regarding Linux. The OSL hosts the Linux Foundation's infrastructure including websites, email and development machines.

  3. phpBB
    Used by websites ranging from VideoLan to Blender to MozillaZine, phpBB, a scalable and highly customizable open source bulletin board package, is a popular Web forum package. The OSL hosts the phpBB Web infrastructure.

  4. Gentoo Foundation
    Gentoo Linux is a distribution built on a customizable foundation, allowing users to build a Linux system exactly the way they need it. The Gentoo community was the first hosted client of the OSL, and it still utilizes many servers and development platforms here. The OSL provides colocation hosting and FTP mirroring services for the Gentoo Foundation, including colocation hosting for Polyp, a Chromebook being used by Gentoo for ARM development.

  5. Drupal
    Drupal is a PHP-based content management system used in many installations worldwide, including whitehouse.gov, npr.org, and examiner.com, along with several at Oregon State. When Drupal needed assistance with a Web server that was crippled under the load of its own popularity, the OSL -- along with the financial help of Drupal's users -- built a cluster for Drupal's websites that can scale along with its growth.

  6. Fedora Project
    The Fedora Project is a community with the primary purpose of leading the advancement of free, open source software and content. The Fedora operating system (a Linux distribution) is the Fedora Project's flagship product. The OSL hosts the Fedora test servers, proof of concept hosts, and other needs that Fedora often runs into during the course of building a new Fedora release.

  7. Freenode
    The Freenode Internet Relay Chat network facilitates open collaboration for people worldwide. It is used by many open source projects and is used extensively by the OSL. Freenode contains around 40,000 channels.The OSL hosts a Web server for Freenode.

  8. Python Software Foundation
    A nonprofit membership organization devoted to advancing open source technology, the Python Software Foundation’s mission is to promote, protect and advance the Python programming language. The OSL provides hosting for the PSF servers and the speed.python.org benchmarking server.

  9. CentOS
    CentOS is an enterprise-class Linux distribution operating system derived from sources freely provided to the public. CentOS developers provide technical support through chat rooms, mailing lists and web forums. The OSL hosts the CentOS master mirrors.

  10. Debian
    Debian GNU/Linux is a distribution known for its stability and roots in the free software philosophy. Created in 1993 by Ian Murdock, Debian is now supported by volunteer developers around the world. The OSL hosts the server for bugs.debian.org, along with some of their internal infrastructure. The lab also hosts development environments for MIPS and PPC.