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Hosted Projects

We tailor fit our hosting to the needs of each project and try our best to help improve our partners' community experience. Some projects we provide hosting for only reside on our mirroring infrastructure, while others encompass entire racks of server equipment. Below is a list of the current projects for which we provide hosting. Some of these projects may have hundreds of sub-projects (such as the Apache Software Foundation) that we don't list here.

Service Descriptions:

ci-cd:CI/CD server hosting hosted using OpenCompute hardware or via OpenStack
co-location:Physical server hosting
mailing-list:Mailman list hosting
mirroring:HTTP/FTP Mirror hosting on ftp.osuosl.org
powerpc:Providing PPC64 or PPC64LE virtual machines (KVM-based powered by OpenStack)
aarch64:Providing AARCH64 (arm64) virtual machines (KVM-based powered by OpenStack)
vm:Virtual Machine (KVM-based powered by our Ganeti or OpenStack clusters)
webapp:Hosting web applications which may use PHP, Rails, Django, Flask or even static hosting.
Project Service(s)
Abyss OS aarch64, powerpc
AlmaLinux aarch64, powerpc
Alpine Linux powerpc
Amahi vm
Anaconda powerpc
Antrea aarch64
Apache Software Foundation co-location, mirroring, powerpc
Apereo vm
Arch Linux mirroring
Armbian aarch64
Bazel powerpc
BearSSL powerpc
BioJS vm, webapp
Blockchain powerpc
BlueMika powerpc
Briar ci-cd
Bro vm
Buildbot co-location
Buildroot vm, mailing-list, ci-cd
BusyBox vm, mailing-list
Cacti co-location
cdxgen vm, powerpc
Census Reporter vm
CentOS Linux mirroring
Checkpoint-restore powerpc
Chimera Linux aarch64,powerpc
Cinc Project vm,aarch64,powerpc,mirroring
CiviCRM co-location, vm
ClickHouse powerpc
Cloud Foundry powerpc
CPAN mirroring
Cppcheck vm
CRAN mirroring
CRIU powerpc
crosstool-NG vm
Cyber-Complex Foundation mirroring
Cygwin mirroring
Darcs vm, mailing-list
Debian Linux co-location, mirroring
Debian OpenQA vm, ci-cd
Debian Ports vm
Debian RISCV ci-cd
Deeplearning4j powerpc
Deluge vm, mirroring
Delve powerpc
DivestOS mirroring
Django vm
Docker Matrix powerpc
Docker powerpc
DotFile-HPC powerpc
Drupal co-location, vm, mirroring
EasyBuild powerpc
Eclipse Communication Framework co-location, vm
Eclipse mirroring
Eclipse OMR powerpc
Eclipse OpenJ9 powerpc
Eclipse Adoptium aarch64
Eclipse Platform powerpc, aarch64
Eigen powerpc
Elastic Beats powerpc
ELENA LANG powerpc
Elgg vm
eLinux webapp, mailing-list
ELRepo mirroring, aarch64
Enlightenment co-location
Evolution Groupware Suite mailing-list
Falco powerpc
F-Droid ci-cd
Fedora Copr powerpc, vm
Fedora Linux co-location, mirroring
Fedora RISCV ci-cd
FFmpeg powerpc
Finnix mirroring
Firefox powerpc
FOSDEM mirroring
Fosshost co-location
FOSS Translation vm
Freedesktop.org co-location, ci-cd
Freedroid vm, mirroring
Funtoo Linux mirroring
GCC/Clang powerpc
GCC Compile Farm Project co-location, ci-cd, powerpc, aarch64
GCC Fortran powerpc
GenPi64 aarch64
Gentoo Linux co-location, vm, mirroring, powerpc, aarch64
Ginga Middleware powerpc
Glassbeats webapp
GNOME co-location, vm, mirroring, ci-cd, aarch64
GNU Assembly vm
GNU Radio vm
godon vm
Go Language powerpc
Grml mirroring
grommunio powerpc
GSB (Gnome.SlackBuild) mirroring
Hackage mirroring
Hadoop Spark powerpc
Haiku mirroring
Harmony Agreements mailing-list
HELICS ci-cd, aarch64
Heptapod ci-cd, aarch64
heyoka powerpc
HHVM mirroring, powerpc
Hortonworks Data Platform powerpc
Hush vm
Inkscape vm, mailing-list
INRIA powerpc
Istio powerpc
Jaws vm, mailing-list
Jenkins co-location, vm, mailing-list, mirroring
Jitesoft aarch64
Jupyter / Base-notebook powerpc
K-3D vm
Kali Linux aarch64, mirroring
KDE vm, mirroring
Kodi vm
Kubeflow ci-cd, powerpc
LDC powerpc
LFS (Linux From Scratch) mirroring
libGD powerpc
libjpeg-turbo powerpc
libpng mirroring
LibreHealth vm
libvirt vm
libvpx powerpc
LIBXSMM powerpc
LineageOS ci-cd
linhes vm
LinuxChix co-location, vm
Linux Driver Project webapp, mailing-list
Linux Foundation co-location
Linux Fund vm
Linux Kernel (powerpc arch development) powerpc
Linux Kernel (Various Kernel Developers) powerpc
Linux NFSD Testing and Development powerpc
Linux Plumbers Conference vm, mailing-list
Linux Standard Base powerpc
LLVM powerpc
LTTng powerpc
LuneOS mailing-list
LyX vm
MacPorts vm
Mageia vm
Mandriva Users vm
Manjaro Linux mirroring
Manulix mirroring
MariaDB mirroring
Mesos powerpc
Midnight Commander vm, mirroring
Milvus powerpc
Minio aarch64
Monitoring-plugins mirroring
Monkey Server vm
Moonjit powerpc
Mozdev co-location, vm, mirroring
Mozilla powerpc
Mozillazine Co-location, vm
Mulgara vm, mailing-list
MULTOVL powerpc
Mumble aarch64
Musescore mirroring
Mutt mirroring, mailing-list, webapp
MX Linux mirroring
Mycroft Project webapp
MythTV co-location, vm, mirroring
Mythubuntu mirroring
NAS-Admin co-location, mirroring
.Net powerpc
Nettle powerpc
Node.js powerpc,aarch64
NumPy powerpc
Nvidia-docker powerpc
Ocaml powerpc
OCM powerpc
Open Advice webapp
OpenBLAS powerpc
OpenBMC powerpc
OpenBSD ci-cd
OpenCV powerpc
OpenDev aarch64
OpenFAAS aarch64
open-fcoe vm, mailing-list, mirroring
Open Hatch vm
OpenID co-location, webapp, mailing-list
OpenJDK powerpc
open-lldp vm, mailing-list
OpenMandriva aarch64, powerpc
OpenMRS vm, webapp, mirroring
OpenQuake powerpc
OpenSearch Project powerpc
OpenShift powerpc
OpenStreetMap co-location, vm, mirroring
OpenWhisk powerpc
OpenWRT ci-cd
OpenZFS webapp, powerpc, aarch64, vm
OrientDB powerpc
OSGeo co-location, vm
OSMC aarch64
PA-RISC co-location, vm
Parrot vm, mailing-list, mirroring
Peeragogy vm, mailing-list
Pentoo Linux mirroring
Peregrine vm
perfbook powerpc
Persistent SI-HTM powerpc
PersonalTelco co-location
phpBB co-location, vm, mirroring
PicaLibre vm
Pipcook ci-cd
Plan 9 Foundation vm, mirroring
postgreSQL powerpc
PowerPC Notebook powerpc
Presto powerpc
Privly webapp
Project Quay powerpc
Python Software Foundation co-location, vm, webapp
PyTorch powerpc
Rainmeter vm
RDKit powerpc
RebornOS aarch64, mirroring
Red Hat CoreOS powerpc
Replicant webapp, mailing-list, mirroring
Replica.one ci-cd, vm
Reproducible builds ci-cd
Robot Operating System vm, mailing-list, mirroring
Rocky Linux powerpc,aarch64
RPM Fusion powerpc
RPM mailing-list, mirroring
RTEMS co-location
Ruby powerpc
Rust powerpc
Rust Exploit Mitigations powerpc
Sahana Foundation vm, webapp, mirroring
Salix Linux mirroring
SFTPGo powerpc
SHA-3 powerpc
SharkLinux vm
sire powerpc
Skytable aarch64
Slackware vm, mirroring
Snappy powerpc
Snowpatch powerpc
Software Freedom Conservatory vm
Spack aarch64, powerpc
Strimzi powerpc
Sourceware aarch64, vm, co-location
sqlite powerpc
Swift powerpc
SWI-Prolog vm
Tahoe LAFS mailing-list
tcpdump/libpcap vm, ci-cd, powerpc, aarch64
Teaching Open Source vm, webapp, mirroring
Tesseract-OCR powerpc
The Documentation Foundation mirroring
The Julia Language powerpc
The NetBSD Foundation aarch64
The Tor Project aarch64
Tobin's Linux kernel powerpc
Travis-CI powerpc
Trinity Rescue Kit mirroring
Trisquel Linux mirroring
trivy powerpc
Ubuntu mirroring
uClibc mailing-list
UEK Maple Tree powerpc
Vector Linux mirroring
VideoLAN mirroring, powerpc, ci-cd
WebDAV vm
X2go powerpc
Xenia powerpc
XBMC mirroring
Xiph co-location, mirroring
Yocto co-location
Yum vm, mirroring