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DevOps BootCamp

The OSL and the Oregon State University School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science have a joint commitment to expand open source and devops curriculum to an increased number of students. DevOps BootCamp provides the OSL with a channel to reach out to students interested in DevOps and open source, regardless of their discipline. DevOps BootCamp is an OSL and OSU Linux Users Group program that aims to boost our impact and outreach while shrinking the skills gap for Oregon State students interested in DevOps.

DevOps BootCamp in action

DevOps BootCamp strives to supply interested students with the practical skills required to succeed as software developers and system engineers. The BootCamp functions as an extracurricular training program that meets two or three times every month during the school year. During these sessions OSL students and software professionals instruct those interested on necessary topics. DevOps BootCamp starts with the basics and does not assume familiarity with software development or Linux.

To learn more about DevOps BootCamp, please visit http://devopsbootcamp.osuosl.org