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OSU Open Source Lab

Hardware Donations

The OSL has a very limited budget to purchase additional hardware which supports the projects we host. We rely heavily on in-kind donations to refresh our hardware. Any hardware you donate to the OSL will be tax deductible based on its' current value.

If you are interested in donating hardware to the OSL, please keep the following in mind:

  • All hardware needs to be rack mountable and include rails
  • Must have a BMC with a dedicated port
  • Hardware age must be no more than 3 years (some exceptions are made depending on the hardware)
  • Hardware must be made by a vendor and cannot be custom built
  • Shipping must be covered

Current Wishlist

Our hardware needs change over time, but here is a current list of specific needs:

  • 1U general purpose servers (PowerEdge R240/R640 or similar)
  • 2U storage servers (PowerEdge R740 or similar)
  • 10Gb Network Interface Cards
  • 4TB or 6TB enterprise class 3.5" hard drives
  • NVMe SSD drives (800G+)
  • 40Gb+ edge / core routers
  • 1Gb managed ToR switches

Please contact us at donations@osuosl.org if you are interested in donating any hardware to the OSL.