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OSU Open Source Lab

AARCH64 Development Hosting

The OSL partners with Ampere Computing to host AARCH64-based servers in order to provide an open platform for innovation to the open source community. Current projects embrace open software projects ranging from KVM to OpenStack and open collaboration with open source based ISV and distribution partners, such Red Hat, SUSE and Ubuntu, who support the latest AARCH64 hardware via production and development (Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, and Debian) distributions.

Members of the community can use these Ampere Computing eMAG AARCH64 servers to develop and test open source projects on the AARCH64 Architecture platform and in a AARCH64 environment.


Our primary resource is an OpenStack based cluster offering AARCH64 instances running on KVM and providing access via OpenStack's API and GUI interface. These shared systems are intended for functional development and continuous integration work, but are not ideal for performance testing. We start projects out with a small quota, but can increase given resource availability and justification.

To request access to an OpenStack AARCH64 instance, use our AARCH64 OpenStack request form.