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Current AARCH64 Projects

Below are a list of currently hosted AARCH64 projects

FOSS Projects

FOSS Projects (11 projects)
Abyss OS Abyss is a modern take on the “just enough OS” paradigm, with a focus on modern components (LLVM, musl) and flexibility.
Antrea A Kubernetes-native project that implements the Container Network Interface (CNI) and Kubernetes NetworkPolicy thereby providing network connectivity and security for pod workloads.
Cinc Project aarch64 builds for various Cinc Project packages (Cinc Client primarily).
Eclipse Platform Eclipse platform project builds a very popular Eclipse IDE. This project is completely open source and recently Eclipse community started supporting AARC64 architecture.
Gentoo Linux Gentoo Foundation Mission Statement: To promote the advancement of free knowledge and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) through the primary vehicle of the meta-distribution known as Gentoo. These goals are accomplished through relationships with free software authors, technical contributions to external projects, and a thriving community of volunteers that make Gentoo possible.
gVisor Provide isolation for containers, so that the overall system remains secure.
Heptapod A community driven effort to bring Mercurial SCM support to GitLab.
Kali Linux A Debian-derived Linux distribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing
Minio Testing minio object storage server on ARM architecture.
Open Mandriva Powerful and state of art, Linux distribution focused on desktop use
OpenFaaS Making Serverless Functions Simple. Troubleshooting and development of ARM64 support for builds (to create artifacts) and function templates.