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AARCH64 OpenStack Request Form

The Open Source Lab partners with Ampere Computing to host AARCH64 based servers in order to provide an open platform for innovation to the open source community.For more information about AARCH64 Hosting, please visit our AARCH64 Development Hosting page.

Please use the form below to request new hosting on the AARCH64 environment hosted at the OSUOSL.

For any changes, updates, or issues with an existing project please send the specific request as an email to aarch64-hosting-request@osuosl.org and include the original project name in the subject line and the IP address(es) for the VM(s) in the message body of the request which will help us narrow down what specific VM it's for.

This access is intended only for free and open source projects who qualify and are approved by the OSUOSL. For proprietary sourced projects or products please contact info@amperecomputing.com.

Name of the open source project or education institution this request will be supporting.
Primary website URL for the open source project or education institution.
How many estimated users do you have in your community?
Please describe in detail the mission and purpose of this request in regards to how the AARCH64 architecture will support your project. Also describe the general mission of your project.
What types of activity will the machine be used for? (i.e. compile builds, performance testing, architecture troubleshooting, etc).
How long do you expect you will need these resources? Ongoing or indefinitely are also acceptable answers.
Normal turnaround for access is typically 7 business days. If you need it sooner than that, please choose which time frame you need. We will do our best to accommodate your request.
Is there anything additional you would like to provide for your request?

OpenStack Access Question(s)

Estimated number of nodes (machines) you'd like to have.
Which Linux distribution would you like to use for your machine? This would likely be the latest stable version available for PPC. If you want a specific version, please state that in the comments section on the last page.
We use OpenStack to manage the AARCH64 nodes. We can either create the node for you or we can grant you access to the OpenStack GUI and API and let you manage it yourself. What do you prefer?
Public SSH key to be used for initial access to the system.

You should receive an automated email from our request ticketing system to the email address you have provided within 5-10 minutes. If you don't receive this email please reach out to us at aarch64-hosting-request@osuosl.org or via IRC in #osuosl on Libera Chat.